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Room 1 Classroom Ambassador.

Room 1 Classroom Ambassador Last week the class had the honour to see Reneeta Masilagi presented with her classroom ambassador badge at the whole school assembly. She was voted by the class as a student who is respectful, kind, caring and who cares about the class and their well being. As a leader Reneeta has a good work ethic and she believes that as a leader she must also be a very effective learner who strives for success.  Congratulations Reneeta Masilagi I know you will be an amazing classroom ambassador.


This week in room 1 we have been learning about  "C hoices and consequences" As a class the students had to identify the positive and negative effects digital technology had on their lives. As a class they discussed how technology has become second nature and how technology is an integral part of their every day lives. Could students live without technology? Could we stop using technology for a day? How was technology affecting our environment? These questions were questions some students were trying to answer. This mini assignment helped the students from Room 1 identify how the whole world depends on technology.

What Makes Us Room 1

What Makes Us Room 1. This was a question I asked the class after 5 weeks at school. As a class I wanted to know what made them a class and how they could succeed with their learning as well as how they could be effective G.I.S. citizens who are well mannered, polite and respectful.