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Room 1 and Dance

Room 1 and Dance Room 1 have a great opportunity to learn different dance forms, have fun, and get fit at the same time. This week Room 1 Learnt how to dance a hip hop dance as well as work together as a team to present some interesting moves. We look forward to the other dance forms we will learn throughout the term which includes "The Tango" "Jazz" "Contemporary" and "Michael Jackson"  Room 1 are all very good dancers we look forward to showing our moves at the school disco which is sponsored by our dance teachers and dance company "Footnote Dance Company"

Feelings Workshop With Mel Churton

Feelings Workshop Every Wednesday  Room 1 has the opportunity to have a professional speaker come into class and teach us about how to express our feelings. This term Room 1 and the whole entire school completed a school survey called the "Well Being At School" survey. This survey taught us a lot about our school and some interesting results about our classroom. What we learnt was a large number of  Room 1 students and students from around the school struggled to express their feelings. We are extremely lucky to have a special speaker like Mel Churton teach us about feelings and how our brains grow and mature. This week she taught us the different parts of our brain and what each section of the brain does. Room 1 was not only interested and engaged they learnt that female brains develop faster than male brains.