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Room 1 using the program Screen Castify

"Screen Castify" During the term Room 1 learnt how to use screen castify which is a computer program which gives you instructions about how to go to specific websites or use specific tools to help students with their school work. How it works is the teacher talks you through the steps of the task by recording what they are doing on the computer. The students can then play the recording and go back if they have missed a step. This has helped Room 1 complete the task and is a great new innovative way to help students complete their tasks.

Room 1 making a "Takihi"

NIUEAN LANGUAGE "MAKING A TAKAHI" During our last week of the term Mr Lukupa decided to teach the class how to make a traditional Niuean dish called a "Takihi" It is made with taro, coconut cream, and paw paw. It was not only a fun experience but also an educational opportunity to learn how to cook and to learn about hygiene and the Niuean culture.