Term 1, 2017

Kia ora! Well, It's the end of Term 1 and Room 1 have transitioned into our new space. Look out for some great posts regarding our learning journey throughout this year.

Room 1 and Dance

Room 1 and Dance Room 1 have a great opportunity to learn different dance forms, have fun, and get fit at the same time. This week Room 1 Learnt how to dance a hip hop dance as well as work together as a team to present some interesting moves. We look forward to the other dance forms we will learn throughout the term which includes "The Tango" "Jazz" "Contemporary" and "Michael Jackson"  Room 1 are all very good dancers we look forward to showing our moves at the school disco which is sponsored by our dance teachers and dance company "Footnote Dance Company"

Feelings Workshop With Mel Churton

Feelings Workshop Every Wednesday  Room 1 has the opportunity to have a professional speaker come into class and teach us about how to express our feelings. This term Room 1 and the whole entire school completed a school survey called the "Well Being At School" survey. This survey taught us a lot about our school and some interesting results about our classroom. What we learnt was a large number of  Room 1 students and students from around the school struggled to express their feelings. We are extremely lucky to have a special speaker like Mel Churton teach us about feelings and how our brains grow and mature. This week she taught us the different parts of our brain and what each section of the brain does. Room 1 was not only interested and engaged they learnt that female brains develop faster than male brains. 

Room 1 using the program Screen Castify

"Screen Castify" During the term Room 1 learnt how to use screen castify which is a computer program which gives you instructions about how to go to specific websites or use specific tools to help students with their school work. How it works is the teacher talks you through the steps of the task by recording what they are doing on the computer. The students can then play the recording and go back if they have missed a step. This has helped Room 1 complete the task and is a great new innovative way to help students complete their tasks.

Room 1 making a "Takihi"

NIUEAN LANGUAGE "MAKING A TAKAHI" During our last week of the term Mr Lukupa decided to teach the class how to make a traditional Niuean dish called a "Takihi" It is made with taro, coconut cream, and paw paw. It was not only a fun experience but also an educational opportunity to learn how to cook and to learn about hygiene and the Niuean culture. 


OUR NEW TOPIC INQUIRY " SCIENCE" This week Room began their journey of learning about the wonderful world of science. Our first step was to identify what we know about science and what we would like to know more about science. We decided as a class to create mind maps to show the beginning journey of our new found knowledge. Room 1 will be focusing on chemical reaction and change. We promise not to blow the school up. As a class we understand that science is not all about explosions and experiments it is really important to know about observations and being able to write as a scientist. This is a goal we hope we can successfully complete.


OUR LANGUAGE INQUIRY. In week 5 Room 1 decided to present their information about what they had learnt about the diverse languages in New Zealand. Some students gathered information about the positive impacts language has and other students decided to gather information about future possibilities a person can have with selecting the best language to learn. This topic was really engaging and linked well with Room 1 learning about the Niuean language. As a class we respect all different cultures and languages.


ROOM 1 AND THEIR STATISTICAL INQUIRY. Today Room 1 learnt about what is a statistical inquiry? and how to complete an inquiry? Room 1 learnt about the process of beginning with a question, surveying and collecting the data, interpreting the gathered data, and lastly presenting their information. Room 1 wanted to survey the class about the different sports we can play at sports break. As a whole class we discovered after the inquiry that Room 1 students really enjoyed playing evasive games.  We look forward to our next statistical inquiry to help Greenmeadows Intermediate School.

Room 1 singing a beautiful Niuean song "Sipaio"

"SIPAIO" As the Room 1 teacher, I am extremely proud of the commitment and respect of the students in Room 1. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about my Niuean culture. This week the class had learnt how to sing a song that every Niuean child learns when they are young. "Sipaio" is a fun vibrant song that translates to the movement of ones body when singing this vibrant song. Please visit this link and listen to the beautiful voices of Room 1 .

Playing fun Niuean games.

As a fun way to introduce the Niuean language to the class I decided to teach Room 1 two Niuean games that children play at the Niuean village sports day. Game one is a skiing game where the students are dragged across the grass while holding onto a long stick. The idea is to balance and stay on the coconut tusk with out falling. The second game is a game just like javelin where the students must throw a stick called a "Sika" as far as they possibly can. The winner is the thrower who has thrown the "Sika" furtherest. ≈

Niuean Language. "How are you"

This week Room 1 have moved on from greeting each other to adding an extra sentence which was to ask "How are you" the reply was "I am well thank you" Malolo nakai a koe? Are you well? Malolo a au fakaue. I am well thank you.  Room 1 struggled at first with pronouncing "A au" but with practice every student was able to complete the task. Tp help reinforce what the students had learnt they had to present their new found knowledge using a speech dialogue. A big thank you to Phoenix and Jai for modelling the correct dialogue. 

Speaking Niuean "Greeting each other"

During week 2 the students from Room 1 have learnt how to greet each other speaking the Niuean language.  Although at first pronouncing the different syllables and words was hard Room 1 with determination and respect were all able to greet each other.   h ttps:// Fakalofa atu ki a koe. Welcome to you. Fakalofa atu ki a mua. Welcome to you both. Fakalofa atu ki a mutolu. Welcome to you all. Great work Kavan, Tui, and James.
"FLANDERS FIELD" To celebrate the ANZAC day Room1 wanted to show their respect to the soldiers that went to fight for their country and never returned home. The class read "Flanders Field"  and created their own descriptive poem using the same structure and description.  ANZAC As the war begins death waits upon the soldiers. The whistle blows our men charge to battle the foe. As tears drop down another one is lost. Blood dampens the ground,lying against his brothers. As the trumpet plays,we shed tears for our beloved. The ground listens to the broken hearted in furious pain. Lest we forget those who fought for us to stand today in peace. By Reneeta Masilagi We will remember them In flanders field, the poppies grow, A blood red shield of the bodies below, The field has been divided in columns, the soldiers lives have hit rock bottom, A century later their loyalty still shows. They gave their lives to their country, They hoped fait
"CHOICES and CONSEQUENCES" During week 1 the students in Room 1 were looking at the choices they made and the consequences of these actions. The purpose of this activity and task was to identify strategies to cope with hard choices at school, at home or on the sports field. At the end of the task the students from Room 1 believed that taking a deep breath and thinking before you make a choice was the best way to have a clear mind and make the right choice. I hope that the students listen to their own advice and research and take time to think their choices through.

Room 1 Classroom Ambassador.

Room 1 Classroom Ambassador Last week the class had the honour to see Reneeta Masilagi presented with her classroom ambassador badge at the whole school assembly. She was voted by the class as a student who is respectful, kind, caring and who cares about the class and their well being. As a leader Reneeta has a good work ethic and she believes that as a leader she must also be a very effective learner who strives for success.  Congratulations Reneeta Masilagi I know you will be an amazing classroom ambassador.


This week in room 1 we have been learning about  "C hoices and consequences" As a class the students had to identify the positive and negative effects digital technology had on their lives. As a class they discussed how technology has become second nature and how technology is an integral part of their every day lives. Could students live without technology? Could we stop using technology for a day? How was technology affecting our environment? These questions were questions some students were trying to answer. This mini assignment helped the students from Room 1 identify how the whole world depends on technology.

What Makes Us Room 1

What Makes Us Room 1. This was a question I asked the class after 5 weeks at school. As a class I wanted to know what made them a class and how they could succeed with their learning as well as how they could be effective G.I.S. citizens who are well mannered, polite and respectful.