To celebrate the ANZAC day Room1 wanted to show their respect to the soldiers that went to fight for their country and never returned home. The class read "Flanders Field"  and created their own descriptive poem using the same structure and description. 

As the war begins death waits upon the soldiers.
The whistle blows our men charge to battle the foe.
As tears drop down another one is lost. Blood dampens the ground,lying against his brothers.
As the trumpet plays,we shed tears for our beloved.
The ground listens to the broken hearted in furious pain.
Lest we forget those who fought for us to stand today in peace.

By Reneeta Masilagi

We will remember them

In flanders field, the poppies grow,
A blood red shield of the bodies below,
The field has been divided in columns, the soldiers lives have hit rock bottom,
A century later their loyalty still shows.

They gave their lives to their country,
They hoped faith would pull them through,
Death lurked round the battle field,
Praying on their souls.

Although they are silenced,
Their lives still live on,
The crosses shine as the sun rises and sets,
We will remember them,
Lest we forget.

By Jacob Young



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